The segway has found its audience, Tourism,

It’s been several years that we have been living with the segway in Madrid. And as in Madrid, it happens in most tourist cities around the world. The segway is increasingly present.

Tourism and Segway the Perfect pairing.

The segway is here to stay and it shows mainly in the tourism sector. Segway routes, different tourism, segway tours, fun for everyone, segway rides, enjoy original, segway visits … It is not surprising that there are more and more companies of this type in the main cities around the world already that the segway, extremely simple and intuitive, is a perfect ally to make a visit and reach places that perhaps we would not reach, as in Madrid.

On the one hand, the segway has the advantage that it is very easy to handle, it is very fun and for all audiences. After a small training of 2-3 minutes anyone can control the segway with total safety. In addition, the segway for children is a perfect tool for learning curiosities and sightseeing having a great time and having a different experience.

On the other hand, as a negative point (which then it is not), it seems much more difficult than it really is and you have the perception that it is very expensive (something that does not happen either since from € 20 you can make a route in one hour segway in Madrid).

This means that it still has a somewhat limited audience, although less and less.

The segway has its origin in America and from there it has reached the rest of the world. Its high price and the bad publicity that it had to face after the death of the owner (not the creator) of the company riding in a segway (medical tests concluded that it was a heart attack while walking on a segway) reduced their initial success But this has been more than 10 years ago and since then the segway has experienced remarkable growth knowing how to adapt to specific sectors, achieving much success. Tourism, security, leisure, surveillance in airports and stations, golf, hunting, video recording … All these activities are segway technology application.

In the field that concerns us, in the leisure and tourism sector, Segway Travel Madrid is positioned as a reference in segway tours in the city of Madrid, trying to offer a different and original way of touring Madrid and its most important points . Do not think twice and enjoy Madrid with us on segway.

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