Companies that dedicate effort to acronyms TTV (Time, Treatment and Value) in their business, are companies that can choose to be in the ranking of the best company in their city or country. If in addition to the time, we add the deal with the customers start to stand out from the others, and finally the value to the service, that company will be above the others.

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The price is what is paid and the value is what is received.

How can a customer verify that one company is better than another?

Customers are not mistaken, they are what make a company where it has to be, many factors influence so that all ways of working take effect:

1st Security, a place prepared to train, gives security to the client.

2nd Segways, must be in perfect condition.

3rd Guides, they must be people who care about the client throughout the tour, who knows their profession and third party who engages with the client.


There are many imitations that cause them to be confused with the segway, it should be noted that they put the name of the segway on the vehicles, they do not have the same benefits with respect to safety and maneuverability, we must see that they are advertised as segways and they are not

It is difficult to check these three pillars online unless you are in the city and check before the companies in the sector, compare and decide. On the internet companies do not always tell the truth about the services they offer, we all know that they are advertising claims, in order to attract customers who are only looking for price and not values.

The price is what is paid and the value is what is received and lately the values are being lost, money is what predominates against security, to machines in perfect condition.

The only way to know which are the companies that provide good service, is by the platforms where customers leave their opinions, we can read them and decide where we can book the tour. One of them is Triadvisor, where it has a ranking of opinions about outdoor activities,


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