Expensive, dangerous, difficult, unstable, loud … Many things are said about the segway and the time has come to deny them.
In Segway Travel Madrid we are clear that if every person who has a segway tour wants to repeat, it is magical to have this “little machine”.

Thus, we have decided to end thosefalse legends about the segway that we have ever heard. Although if you want to check it out for yourself, there is nothing like taking a segway tour so that you forget the false myths of the segway.

Is The segway is difficult? NO !!
In less the 3 minutes of training (literally speaking), anyone can drive safely in segway. Few means of transport or leisure are easier than riding a segway. Much simpler than a bicycle, rollerblades, skateboarding, skiing … With only 3 minutes of training, you are ready to take a segway tour. Check it !!

The segway is dangerous, NO !!
As any means of transport has its risks, hence, in the segway tours we do in Segway Travel Madrid we do a training in our offices, an accompanying guide to customers. It is very important to follow the guide’s instructions and respect their guide’s instructions and “don’t go crazy”, the segway is as fun as it is safe. It should be added that with the recorders proposed by the guide, the risk is significantly reduced because it reaches very wide and very comfortable places for handling the segway. Come and try it!

Is the segway expensive?, YES!
To buy a segway, you have to make a strong investment, but today making a segway route in Madrid is cheaper than anywhere else. If I tell you that 1 hour long costs only € 20, do you think it is expensive? And of course, this segway time includes training, helmet, insurance and guidance. We provide everything so that you only worry about having a good time.

Is the segway is loud?, NO !!
The segway is a 100% electric machine that contributes to the environment. It is very quiet but, logically, the small engine it carries emits minimal noise. What you hear gently at a distance of 2-3 meters but quiet that will not wake you from your dreams.

If you want to know more about the city and discover Madrid by segway with us, contact us.
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