I’m still a kid, can I ride a segway?
YES!!! Of course. The segway is also for children!


The segway we already know is an interesting alternative to travel the streets of Madrid, but what we might not know is that anyone, from 7 to 80 years old, can enjoy a segway tour. What’s more, at Segway Travel Madrid we specialize in segway tours for boys and girls. Birthdays, surprise parties, school events or guided tours are some of the activities we organize for children and youngsters. We know that when we do a guided route or a segway event for boys and girls, the main objective is to make it a dynamic, fun and educational activity. But also safe. Therefore, from Segway Travel Madrid we have developed specifications that we fulfill yes or yes in order to guarantee success and safety in the tours of the youngest.


  • Our Staff will always be present in the training, coordinating the event and accompanying the children.
  • For groups of more than 9 children, we always have two coordinators or guides.
  • Previous training in our indoor facilities until everyone can handle the segway perfectly.
  • Original segways. In perfect conditions and with security guarantees. We never use false segways or imitations.
  • We have a tour studied and prepared to make the tour in children’s segway.
  • All children wear a helmet for safety that we provide.
  • It is circulated in line and according to the indications of the guide.

The segways are adapted to the height of each child and in our office. We have a space to train before visiting Madrid, being the only company in Madrid that has this indoor training space.


All these specifications have allowed us to position ourselves as a reference in the realization of children’s segway tours and events for the smallest in the city of Madrid. We also offer different options for personalizing the tour, from including balloons and posters to decorate the segway as well as the possibility to stop for a picnic or a snack. Skill games, historical content during the tour or team tests are other extras that we add to the segway event, always trying to get both boys and girls and parents can have fun and safely enjoy a different activity in Madrid.


And all for much less money than we can think. From € 25 we have tours to do in the city of Madrid that include guide, content of Madrid and decorative balloons.


Areas such as the Manzanares River, the Casa de Campo are our great allies to do all these tours and children’s games for the little ones. Very wide areas, with less tourist influx that make them very safe and fun for boys and girls. If you need to consult any other information or you want a personalized quote, do not hesitate to contact us and get the advantages that an Official Dealer of Segway Spain offers. Also if you tell us that you have seen us in the blog we include the photographic report of the tour or event in segway totally free ..

Boys and girls, the segway is also for you!!!!!!


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