Segway Olympic Games

Our Olympic Games are a teamwork activity, where all participants have a unique and fun experience that they will remember forever.
We propose these games where companionship and rivalry are important and team.
Different tests of ability and control will be carried out, where the minimum time will be three hours.

The best thing about Segway Travel Olympics Games is that it can be enjoyed by any age group (from 10 to 90 years old) and does not need special sports skills or athletic abilities, literally anyone can participate.

First, your group will receive training on how to ride a Segway, which literally only takes a few minutes. Then it is time to assign groups in teams where they will test their skills in a variety of fun obstacle challenges based on adventures and team games such as:

Slalom:  Segway Travel Events

Participants should start the tests with one of the easiest and demonstrate their new skills by safely maneuvering their Segway in and around a series of posts, ensuring that they do not incur penalty points in the test. Time influences and if they touch the obstacles.

After having passed the first test, it will begin to be more fun, since it begins to catch the trick of the segway.

Precision:Segway Travel Events


This game is very funny. It is time to throw the balls in the velcro of the basket, each member of the team will throw the ball from the segway to the basket, each player participates with 3 Basketball balls and will have to introduce the balls in the basket the more goal the better. The team with the most balls wins.


Now touch the egg / ball with the spoon, where the agility and skill of passing the obstacles comes in. The team that left the eggs / balls in the basket wins.

Clumsy Waiter – Quick Fill up the cups of water, place them on your tray, jump on your Segway and ride the obstacle course, don’t be clumsy and spill any or it could cost you the race.

Frisbee Shot
The participants take a tour of the slalom with their frisbee and will stop in the circle. Once in position, they will launch their frisbee where their teammates will use networks in an attempt to catch them before the opposition catches them. The one who collects the most wins.


Contestants can test their speed, control and flexibility by maneuvering safely on their Segway within the course and around a series of poles, cones and ropes (the obstacle course) showing their driving skills and skills while ensuring that they do not incur penalties of points in the process. This is about precision and attention to detail. Time influences and if they touch the obstacles.

Javelin Throw

The javelin throw is one of the tests with more control, since you have to take speed, control the braking and drive with the segway when throwing the javelin.
The participants  needs to have a place with space to throw the javelin and to be safe.


Segway Travel Events
Last test, where participants face a test of speed and control of the segway. This test is a relay where each contestant will pass the relay and the one who arrives before wins.




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